Opening Act

Hello and welcome to Corpulent! *insert fanfare*

If you’ve followed me over here from my tumblr, thank you. I hope you like my words as much as you like my pictures.

I started this blog because my entry-level job is quickly turning my brain into mush and, being an Arts grad, I desperately miss writing.

So the First Rule of writing to to write what you know. My name is Frances. I am 23 years old, I am in love with food, my clothes are plus size, I am 1.72m tall and I weigh 95kg (approx. 5’8″ and 210 pounds, for those not down with the metric system) which classifies me as obese according to BMI. I eat, I jiggle and I break pants. In line with the First Rule, I’ve created a fat blog.

I’m not quite sure what form this blog will take as yet and it’s probable it will end up being a mix of everything: some fat ranting, love letters to food, a dash of plus size fashion,  some politics and loads of photos of the plus sized women I love. Basically, whatever captures my flittish attention.

You stay classy, Fatosphere.


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