Full-Figured Fashion Week continued, or Why Frances is Dancing in the Streets

As expected, the Curvy Collective have been kept busy blogging about the inaugural Full-Figured Fashion Week. Luvin’ My Curves has summarised the three day event, with an official recap of the runway finale still to come. Gabi at Young, Fat and Fabulous has covered the runway show, while The Musings of a Fatshionista has reviewed what the various brands had to offer.

All the posts are, as always, worth checking out, so hyperlink your way over there.

Now I know that in my last FFFW post I may have sounded tad resentful. Perhaps I threw what could be described by some people as a big tanty. All that is behind me now due to this short addendum on Gabi’s YFF post:

Oh, and for all you Aussies, supposedly FFFWeek is coming your way soon!

*victory dance*

I know this is hardly concrete. But, if this happens, it will be a huge step forward for Australia. Maybe we’ll see a few more plus size brands starting up in Oz…? Maybe some of our brilliant straight size fashion designers will step up to the challenge…?

A girl can dream.


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