OoTD No. 2 – Sneaker Freaker

I’m getting the hang of this OoTD thing!

Since y’all reacted so well to my shoe collection in my last OoTD, I decided to wear my most fabulous pair of sneakers out:


I need a haircut.

I wore this out yesterday. The Boyfriend and I went to Saturday in Design; an annual trade event for Australia’s design sector, which takes place on alternate years in Sydney and Melbourne. It involves Australia’s best designer furniture, finishes, fixtures and lighting showrooms all over Sydney displaying their wares for architects, designers, students and members of the public. The Boyfriend is an industrial designer, whereas I just go along for the free booze and canapes – Living Edge put on a particularly good spread, with Chandon wine, Little Creatures beer (I love their Bright Ale) and the most amazing Thai food from longrain.

It’s our anniversary today – 5 years! – so the Boyfriend and I also went out to dinner at Doma Bohemian Beer Cafe afterwards. Doma serves Czech/Slovak food (read: meat and stodge) and have a great range of Czech, German and Belgian beers – I recommend the schnitzel (chicken or pork, both were fantastic), the huge apple strudel and the Schöfferhofer Hefeweizen (a German cloudy wheat beer). Do not go there on anything more than an empty stomach; the Czechs will break you with their serving sizes.


These came with white laces, but I changed 'em for some blue ones I had lying around. Because they weren't colourful enough already.

I’d never worn these sneakers out before and, after walking around in them all day, I’ve realised that they’re not the most comfortable kicks in the world. All those multicoloured panels are separate layers of leather and they have plastic around some of the eyelets, making them extremely stiff. Lucky they look so good, or else I’d never wear them again.



You can't tell in this photo, but this ring has been polished to a mirror finish. Perfect for someone as vain as me.

Tshirt (that is on the brink of being too small) : Huffer
Straight leg jeans : Just Jeans
Sneakers : Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid from Espionage
Lego necklace : O.A.W on etsy
Titanium ring : titaniumknights on etsy


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  1. 1 Cyn 3 August, 2009 at 3:44 pm

    That necklace is gorgeous. I love your style to bits.

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