Asia Pacific has had a rough week

Padang after the earthquakes. Photo: Reuters

This not your usual fat-lovin’ Corpulent fare. This is an appeal for donations.

In the last week, Asia Pacific has had a gutful. Typhoons have ravaged the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. An earthquake and tsunami has hit Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. Two earthquakes, measuring 7.6 and 6.8, have hit Padang on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.

Hundreds have been killed, thousands have been injured and the damage is enormous. Luckily, we have some amazing international aid organisations here to help.

The Australian Red Cross has set up the Pacific Tsunami Appeal. Funds raised through this appeal will be used to support relief, rehabilitation and recovery activities for communuties affected by the disaster in Samoa, Tonga and other affected islands. You can donate to them here.

Oxfam Australia has established the Asia Pacific Appeal to send additional emergency staff and supplies in response to widespread flooding in the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the tsunami in Samoa and the earthquake in Indonesia. You can donate to them here.

Plan Australia has set up the Asia Disaster Appeal to support relief efforts Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines with a focus on protection and care for children. You can donate to them here.

Médecins Sans Frontières has sent more than 60 surgeons, doctors, nurses, logisticians and others to Manila in the Philippines, Padang in Indonesia and Samoa in the South Pacific. They are identifying unmet urgent needs and have started carrying out mobile medical activities and the distribution of relief items in targeted sites. You can donate to them here.

Please dig deep.


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  1. 1 jl3wis 2 October, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    If only I had the $$$..

    Wanted to also say that it sure puts things into perspective when you think you’ve got it REAL bad!

    Prayers and thoughts with those who have and continue to suffer. I also have family in the philippines even though I don’t know any of them..


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