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Editorial: Crystal Renn in Elle Canada, Jan 2010

The future Mrs Frances (humour me), Crystal Renn, is in an amazing new editorial for Elle Canada, January 2010. The people at Elle Canada must love her as much as I do, as this is the third editorial she’s done with them in the last 12 months (check out the other two on Runway Revolution here and here) and this one covers 18 pages.

I love this shoot. The pictures are absolutely stunning, as I’ve come to expect from Leda & St Jacques, and I adore the ultra glamourous New Years Eve styling.

Also, Crystal has the most fantastic hair in the business – hands down.

Women I Love: Beth Ditto

I know, I know, I know. Every fat woman in the world loves Beth Ditto. But my love for her is still quite new, so I’m still very much in the honeymoon stage. Therefore, she gets a mention on my very exclusive, very prestigious, Women I Love section.

What I love more than anything – more than her brilliant songs with The Gossip, more than the line she did with Evans – is that she’s a chameleon.

She displays her body like it’s an artwork:

Modelling for House of Blue Eyes, September 2008

The Gossip performing at London’s Forum, 13 September 2007

At the 2007 NME Awards

She can be a fierce couture bish:

Love magazine, March 2009

At the 2009 Mercury Music Awards, London

Photo by Alice Hawkins

BlackBook by Shawn Mortensen, May 2009

BlackBook by Shawn Mortensen, May 2009

She’s friends with Jeremy Scott and looks great in his dresses (for this, I will be forever jealous):

via Jeremy Scott's Twicpic account

At the JC de Castelbajac Fashion Show during the 2009 Paris Fashion Week

Photo by zerbit on flickr

NYLON magazine, May (…or June) 2008

And she looks like she’s the sweetest girl in the world:

At the Love magazine launch, December 2008


“Guys talk about female body image”

That’s the title of an article by David Penberthy currently up on The Punch. The Punch is an Australian opinion site, owned by News Limited. David Penberthy has been a News Limited employee for years, and is the former editor of Sydney’s tabloid, the Daily Telegraph.

The reason for David jumping on the self-esteem bandwagon is that Australia has been knee-deep in a body image discussion. Last month, the National Advisory Group on Body Image – which was established by the Australian government in March – submitted the Proposed National Strategy on Body Image to the government. Among the recommendations is a Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image, which recommends using ‘healthy weight’ models (a pretty ambiguous term), realistic and natural images of people and disclosure when images of people have been digitally manipulated. The report is currently under consideration by the government, and they will release their response in 2010. You can read the complete report here or, if you’re lazy, a summary of the recommendations here.

So that’s all pretty positive. There was a lot of consulatation and the report attracted a lot of national press. But David felt that this process what missing something, and that something was men.

The Punch has today assembled this special package of pieces about female body image through the eyes of blokes.

Nevermind that the report is aimed at both sexes (though it should be noted that there is a focus on females) and is primarily targeted to school-aged people. Forget that. David wants to talk about chicks he thinks are hot.

We were moved to embark on this project because the one missing feature from the important national debate about female body image is that at no stage has anybody asked the blokes what they think.

It’s a pity – because there is now some interesting evidence that women are laying a serious guilt-trip on themselves and reinforcing stereotypes about their size and shape which have absolutely no bearing on whether men find them attractive or not.

This is the most petulant statement I’ve read in a long time. ALL THIS TALK ABOUT HOW WOMEN FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES AND NO ONE ASKED MEEEEEEEEEEE.

I get that this, though obviously sensationalist, was well-intentioned and that too many women think that they are unattractive to others. But it’s so fucking ridiculous for anyone to think that the magic cure to low self-esteem is what men find attractive. Get your hand off it, Dave.

It’s possible that men haven’t been quizzed on their sexual preferences as part of the consultation process because a woman’s body image should not be tethered to what men find attractive. How revolutionary.

A Body Revolution

I was contacted by a brand new blogger, Dominique Silva, asking me to put the call out for her. Dom has created the blog A Body Revolution.

In her words:

I created this blog to help women learn to love themselves. … I hope that one day whether you are a size 2 or a size 22, whether your nose sticks out more than you think it should, whether your knees have scars, whether you believe your skin is too light or too dark, I hope that you will go out into the world with your head held high. Be confident and accept your body.

The Body Revolution is looking a wee bit empty because she is counting on us, dear readers, for her content.

Dom wants you to send her pictures of the parts of your body that you used to hate but have since come to accept, or even love. It can be something small (freckles, hair, fingernails), something big (belly, legs, back), or it can be your entire body. She’d also like a paragraph or two about why you used to hate it and how you came to love it. Please send your pictures and your stories to

I think this is a smashing idea and I’m jumping right on board. This is the picture and story I have sent in:

I hated my bottom for years. Growing up in a white coastal town – surrounded by thin, blonde, ample breasted surfer girls – it was obviously wrong. It stood, and continues to stand, between me and pants. I wished there was some way I could just cut it off and look like everyone else.

Until I started to like not looking like everyone else.

Now, I like how it curves so arrogantly. The way my bottom sticks out is unashamedly sexy. It’s intimidating. It’s indecent. My arse breaks hearts!

I love my bottom and will never again want it to look like everyone else’s. I love every glorious jiggling centimetre of it.

(Yes, they are stretch marks on my hip. And I love them too.)

No Diet Talk

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