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Preview: Crystal Renn in V Magazine’s Size Issue

You may have heard that V Magazine is publishing a Size Issue, due out on 14 January 2010. There will be a number of spreads that will range from fully dressed to nude and will be shot by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and (lololol) Karl “No one wants to see curvy women” Lagerfeld. As editor-in-chief Stephen Gan put it, “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it.”

Now and V Magazine are whetting our appetites big time by putting out an exclusive preview of Terry Richardson‘s shoot – One Size Fits All.

It is a brilliant concept, with straight size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn wearing the exact same outfits and striking very similar poses. It’s a seriously clever dig at all those in the industry who feel that high fashion can only be presented on a smaller body.

Not to mention Mel Ottenberg’s styling is absolutely amazing. These outfits are exactly what I love: colour! prints! accessories! It’s almost too much, which is why it appeals to me.

For full size images, click here. For full size images of Jacquelyn and Crystal’s individual pictures, click here. All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers.

All images sourced from Thanks to Pippa at Runway Revolution for the tip-off!

OoTD No. 3 – Starring the Whipper Snipper

Going through my old blog posts, this is my first OoTD since… August?! Shit, really? This year has gone outrageously fast.

This is my first summer outfit post, as well as my first time showing you a glimpse of Work Frances.

On Friday, I went out with the in-laws for the Boyfriend’s birthday dinner (The Light Brigade Bistro in Paddington – highly recommended). I came straight from work, hence the black jersey, though my not-terribly-corporate office does Casual Friday, hence the short hemline and the sandals.

The Boyfriend took these pictures and insisted we use that most overlooked of props, the whipper snipper.

What? There's heaps of unkempt grass edges by the pool.

She works hard for the money... so hard for it honey...

Dress: Country Road (I had it shortened – it looked a bit like a nun’s outfit when I bought it)
Necklace: Dinosaur Designs
Watch: Nu + Nan
Bracelet: Mimco
Sandals: Nu + Nan
Nail polish: Molly by Bloom
Whipper snipper: Poulan PRO

Paul James is a turd.

Paul James is an Australian personal trainer and former underwear model who intentionally gained 40kg in five months “so that he could better understand his obese clients.” Seriously.

James ate piles of junk food and did no exercise for five months to achieve his bizarre goal of 120kg. When I say piles of food, I mean piles. Three litres of chocolate milk, crisps and bacon for breakfast. A whole chicken and chips before bed. No exercise at all.

In a testament to the set-point theory (that is, your body likes to keep your weight relatively stable), despite this ridiculous diet, James had difficulty gaining weight at first.

But gain he did, and after keeping the weight on for three months, he has been working hard to lose it all. The Herald Sun has just reported that he’s almost back to his original weight of 80kg. What a fuckin’ surprise.

PJ said the biggest change he made was switching to a healthy diet, and he also follows a regular exercise regime.

“I didn’t do anything drastic because I wanted to show that anyone could make the changes that I made,” he said.


A man who was not fat works incredibly hard to force his body to become fat. Then said man works out like a demon to get his body back to his starting point.

That’s no fucking insight in that. Fat people don’t drink three litres of chocolate milk for breakfast. We don’t eat chickens before bed. Most of us eat a reasonable diet and exercise. Most of us have spent years changing our diet and exercising in a vain attempt to lose weight. Most of us have failed to lose weight, but then we never started with the physique of an underwear model.

“I achieved what I wanted to. I got a greater understanding and appreciation for anyone trying to lose weight and I am really proud of going the extra mile to relate to my clients.”

In the meantime, he’s also gotten a lot of international press that has cemented what so many people think of fat people: we’re gluttonous, lazy slobs. But no matter, at least he achieved his goals…

Like I said, Paul James is a turd.

Sources: The London Telegraph, the Herald Sun

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