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By Ro Designs giveaway!

I received such an amazing response to my swimsuit post, Two Piece Swimsuit, Two Middle Fingers. It’s still being linked here and there and I’m still getting comments on it every so often. Who knew that my getting my kit off would make such an impact? (I did, because I’m lush.)

One very cool result of that post is that Ro of By Ro Designs saw I had linked to her shop and has kindly offered to sponsor a Corpulent giveaway! Sorry, that’s not quite enough fanfare.


That’s better. There ain’t no party like a sparkle text party.

You can win either the monokini in black – Ro’s most popular style – or the two piece ruffle bikini in red/white polka dots, both in size 1X to 5X.

1X: Measurements (inches) 44-47/35-38/46-49
2X: Measurements (inches) 48-51/39-42/50-53
3X: Measurements (inches) 52-55/43-46/54-57
4X: Measurements (inches) 56-59/47-50/58-61
5X: Measurements (inches) 60-63/51-54/62-65


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. I will choose a winner at random using Make sure you include your email address in the comment form so I can contact you if you win. The competition is open for two weeks – until 12noon Wednesday 15 December (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). This competition is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

EVERYONE’S A WINNER (in the Antipodes): Ro is also offering free shipping to Australia and New Zealand all summer! This available on her entire swimwear range, but if you’re the impatient type, Ro has a(n ever increasing) number of ready to ship items.

OoTD No. 15 – A Year Too Late

I’m such an idiot.

As I’ve mentioned before, the 2009 Beth Ditto at Evans collection was pretty much all my fatshion dreams come true. It was fun and pop and it demanded attention. I loved it. Despite all this love, I was too chicken to place a big order and the only item I ended up walked away with were the domino leggings. Stupid, stupid Frances.

As a result, I have been obsessively checking ebay (US, UK and Australia) for any items from the collection in a UK size 18. It’s a slow process, but I have had some very good luck. Like when I got this purple hooded spot dress; a wonderful casual dress that had been giving me serious non-buyers remorse.


That’s Milli. I was house-sitting not long ago and she came with the house. The Boyfriend and I were taking her for a walk in the park when we took these outfit photos; Milli got completely fed up with the lack of attention and proceeded to photobomb almost every single picture.



See? She wouldn’t even pose like a good dog; she would just stand perfectly in the way looking very pleased with herself.



This picture really doesn’t do these sneakers justice. Each little square of silver is holographic, and as a result they look completely amazing in direct light. So sparkly and pretty. (I think I might change the laces to something a bit more colourful… they’re looking a bit too clean with white laces.)

Dress: Beth Ditto at Evans via ebay
Leggings: Beth Ditto at Evans
Sneakers: Converse All Star Low Sparkle Stripe from Glue Store
Bag: Asos
Necklace: Tree of Life
Bangle: Dinosaur Designs
Ring: Dinosaur Designs sample

Now to track down that fabulous purple sequin tunic

Defining my style in five steps

I love a good blog meme. Following in the footsteps of Pretty in Plus, Two Many Cupcakes and Fat Heffalump, I’m going to define my style in five items (actually, I’m cheating and using five ‘items/themes’ because it was just too hard otherwise).

I’m not a fashionable person. I don’t know much about designers, I don’t follow trends and I will never ever wear stilettos. That said, I do think fashion is important and can be quite political. The way we present ourselves through our clothes/accessories/hairstyles tells the world a story about us before we even open our mouths. The limited options available to fat people mean that the messages we are able to send with our fashion are, in a way, censored. By refusing to cater to us, fashion labels are controlling the way we can present ourselves. To send an accurate message, fat people must try harder; we have to be adventurous, resourceful and inventive.

So though I am not a fashionable person, I do have style that’s all my own. Blogs – both reading and writing them – has really solidified my sense of style. I now have a much better idea of what I like the look of, what I like to wear and what (I think) looks good on me. Thanks to this awareness, when I put on my outfits now I feel more like myself than I ever have.

Frances in Five Steps

1. Big chunky jewellery

To me, an outfit feels unfinished without accessories. To the disappointment of my mother and big sister, I don’t like ‘proper’ jewellery (gold and gemstones and all the rest); the material dominating my jewellery collection is plastic. My brand of choice is Dinosaur Designs for their bright colours, solid chunk and for being homegrown.

2. Sneakers


I vividly remember insisting to the Boyfriend at the beginning of our relationship (around 6 years ago) that girls did not look good in sneakers. Time makes fools of us all! The picture above was taken for my very first OoTD in July 2009. I had left a pair or two out of the photo because they didn’t fit in the frame and I have added to my collection since then. I have – give or take a few – around 15 pairs (which is absolutely nothing compared to some), mainly low tops, mainly Nike, mainly colourful.

3. Dresses


I never used to wear dresses. I was a massive tomboy from age 8 to 18. I wore a lot of jeans (predominantly men’s jeans in my late teens, in a vain attempt to hide my hips), band tshirts and my much loved Dr Martens 8 holes. I gingerly started buying dresses when I was 18 and they now dominate my wardrobe. They’re cute, they’re easy and they allow me to not wear pants (lordy, how I hate pants).

4. Kitsch


Plastic jewellery shaped like a Space Invader? Check.
Multiple bags shaped like fruit? Check.
This ridiculous jumper? Check.
Way, way too many Mambo Loud Shirts? Check. (I’m planning an outfit post in them sometime this summer, despite the fact they make me look like a big fat Hawaiian dude.)

5. Colour, colour, colour

I just don’t feel right when I’m wearing too much black. I’ve always liked wearing colour, but it was Katie over at What Katie Wore and her fantastic style that really pushed me over the edge.

I find myself going through colour phases, where a lot of the clothes and accessories I’m drawn to are one particular colour. I just finished with a purple phase and am now attracted to everything blue. Bright yellow is my constant weakness: I have three dresses, a jacket, a skirt, two bags, a pair of sneakers, two necklaces, two rings, a shirt and a pair of tights all in sunshine yellow.

What five items/themes sum up your style?

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