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By Ro Designs giveaway: TAKE TWO

You may remember that I ran a giveaway at the start of the southern hemisphere’s summer, sponsored by the delightful Ro of By Ro Designs. I received a massive 102 entries and the lucky winner was a woman by the name of Haley who lives in Detroit.

Ro would have rathered the winner not have to wait for the snow and ice to melt before wearing her fabulous cossie so, bless her heart, she suggested another giveaway… this time, only open to Aussies and Kiwis.

This calls for more sparkle text.


Second verse, same as the first: You can win either the monokini in black – Ro’s most popular style – or the two piece ruffle bikini in red/white polka dots, both in size 1X to 5X.

1X: Measurements (inches) 44-47/35-38/46-49
2X: Measurements (inches) 48-51/39-42/50-53
3X: Measurements (inches) 52-55/43-46/54-57
4X: Measurements (inches) 56-59/47-50/58-61
5X: Measurements (inches) 60-63/51-54/62-65


If you live in Australia or New Zealand, all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. I will choose a winner at random using Make sure you include your email address in the comment form so I can contact you if you win. The competition is open for two weeks – until 12noon Thursday 3 February (Australian Eastern Daylight Time). This competition is now closed. Thanks to all who entered!

This is in addition to the free shipping to Australia and New Zealand Ro’s given us all summer. This is available on her entire swimwear range, but if you need something quick, Ro has a number of ready to ship items.

Good luck!

OoTD No. 17 – New Year’s Eve

(Lateness of this post is due to me misplacing the card reader for my camera. Herp derp.)

For New Year’s Eve, the Boyfriend went on a date. We ate excellent Thai at Spice I Am in Darlinghurst, then went home early to drink champers and watch the fireworks on TV. My 18 year old self would have been horrified at my extremely soft NYE effort but my 24 year old self was able to take off her bra before ringing in the new year, so I think we all know who wins that argument.


My goal for 2010 was to wear more colour.

When my self-esteem and I were at our lowest, I tried my very best to hide myself away. I wore a lot of black. I wore baggy men’s pants in a vain attempt to make my hips and arse disappear. I hated fashion, because I hated how my body refused to conform to the clothes I thought I should be wearing.

Now, my body and I are the best of friends and I like who I am. I trust how I feel about myself and I want the clothes I wear to reflect the sort of person that I am. I want fashion – no longer something to be dictated, but something to be interpreted – to make me feel more like myself.

This, as a fat person, is difficult. I recognise that, as a smaller fatty, I have more sartorial choices than those larger than me. Nevertheless, turning my wardrobe into something that communicates who I am is a seemingly never-ending process. But I am getting there.

To say farewell to 2010, I chose my most colourful garb.


Excuse my bitten fingernails.

2010 wasn’t all beer and roses and I don’t think it will be remembered as one of my great years. Nevertheless, there were a big pile of highlights:

2011 will bring a move to a new flat, another trip to Europe, a new team to follow in the Tour de France (long live Leopard Trek!) and hopefully many more fatty meet-ups with my online family. Bring it.


(Yes, my bag is the most amazing thing ever. God, I just love things shaped like others things. Between this and my pineapple bag, I think I should try to get a whole fruit bowl. If any of you come across a garish vinyl watermelon-shaped bag in your travels, please let me know.)

Dress: naKIMuli
Bag: Mink Schmink
Belt (worn backwards): Globe Amaranth on etsy
Sandals: Nu + Nan
Necklace (multicoloured): Tree of Life
Necklace (pink): Dinosaur Designs sample
Bracelet (beaded): A souvenir shop just outside Vatican City
Bracelet (orange/silver): Mimco
Bangle (silver): Agent 99 from General Pants Co. (part of a pack of three)
Bangle (pink): Dinosaur Designs

Happy new year, everyone, and I hope you enjoy your 2011.

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