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My planned takeover of the internet is progressing steadily…

1. @FatStigma

Dr Samantha Thomas, Elizabeth of Spilt Milk (blog and tumblr) and Brian of Red No. 3 have a new twitter: @FatStigma. Here’s a post explaining the purpose of the twitter. Basically we’ll be keeping an eye on stigmatising articles, obesity campaigns and reports etc. If you want to send articles our way, tweet us, use the hashtag #fatstigma or email us at

2. Cosmopolitan Australia

I’m doing some blogging for Cosmopolitan magazine (Australia) about their Say No to Fat Talk campaign.

I know that similar campaigns, like Fat Talk Free Week, have copped some criticism in the fatosphere because it’s seen to further demonise the word ‘fat’ and shut down useful discussions about what’s it’s like to live in society with a fat body. That’s why I’m doing this. I want the fat perspective included. I want to recognise that there is a difference between feeling fat and being fat, and I want that difference to be recognised by others.

Click here for my introductory post and, if you’re so inclined, leave a comment! Over the coming weeks I’ll be writing about things like health, sex, fatshion, stigma… I’m pretty excited.

3. Like me!

I’ve finally set up a facebook page for Corpulent (/Hey Fat Chick!/All Bodies): Like me! And once you do, don’t be a stranger – I want the page to actually be interesting to youse, so say something.


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