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OoTD No. 22 – Happy birthday to me

On Sunday, I turned the grand old age of 25 and officially moved out of the yoof range of 16-24. I’m in a whole new marketing demographic now!

I’m not one for parties, so the Boyfriend and I had our own understated celebration on Saturday. In the afternoon we went to the new contemporary collection at the Art Gallery of NSW, which is both great and free so you should definitely check it out. (I’m not very knowledgeable but I enjoy contemporary art very much. Out of all the artworks on display at the gallery,  this installation by Ugo Rondinone was my favourite.) We followed up our dose of kulcha with an amaaaaaaazing meal at Bentley Restaurant and Bar. They make good everything in that place. The cocktails and wine we imbibed did result in a hangover on my birthday, so at least that part of my yoof hasn’t disappeared.

But before all that, I posed. I got stared at a fair bit in this outfit, but that was kind of the point.


It was actually a little bit warm for this woolen Beth Ditto dress but nothing was going to stop me from wearing birthday sparkles. This decision paid for itself when a convenience store clerk liked my dress so much, and was so pleased to find out it was my birthday, that he gave me a free chupa chup. Result!


The bird I’m posing with is a bronze sculpture by Henry Moore called Reclining figure: Angles (1980) that lives outside the gallery. While she makes an excellent posing partner…


…she is incredibly uncomfortable to recline on. My head is resting on her tit, which didn’t make the best pillow.


This shoes are gorgeous, clearly, but I leave a Tinkerbell-style trail of glitter everywhere I go. I’ve only worn them three times but I’ve already scuffed both toes. While I don’t regret buying them, they seem like they’re going to be an extremely short-term item.


Jumper dress: Beth Ditto for Evans (first collection) via eBay
Leggings: Beth Ditto for Evans (first collection)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Uniform Glitter from Solestruck
Watch: Nixon, (part of my) birthday present from the Boyfriend
Lippy: Girl About Town by MAC

PS. My third post for Cosmo Australia went up last week. This one’s on faTshion. (Thank you to everyone who read, liked and/or commented on my last post – I was seriously blown away by the reaction.)

OoTD No. 21 – Day-glo punk rock

First things first: I gave myself a slight haircut.


My hairdresser charges me an outrageous amount to cut my hair. But he had me between a rock and a hard place, because whenever I used a different hairdresser my mop was massacred (I paid $70 for a hideous short back and sides before Christmas). So, inspired by Gisela and Kath, I decided to clipper it. I’m all for anything that’s cheap/free and allows me to spend the bare minimum of time on my appearance. #3 guard 4 lyf.

The hair kind of roughs up every outfit I wear, which I’m well into. I thought I looked like a day-glo punk rocker the day I wore this:



I was super excited when I first got this jacket, but now it does my head in. Despite the tag on the jacket and the listing that was on LA Vintage, this is not leather (unless cows have recently been genetically engineered to be made out of waterproof vinyl and I just didn’t know about it). Maybe I should have a blog sale or something… I have a few pairs of sneakers I’m not in love with anymore… anyone interested in a pleather jacket or some lightly used Nike Air Maxes?

Dress: Asos
Cardigan: Some cheap and nasty chain store, like Temt or Ice
‘Leather’ jacket: LA Vintage
Tights: We Love Colors
Necklace: Phillip Normal
Socks: Holeproof
Boots: Dr Martens

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