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A Good Week for Me and My Mailbox

Lord, how I love online shopping.

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered that I’d paid my last credit card bill twice, so I had an extra few hundred dollars to spend frivolously. And spend frivolously I did! This week I’ve been coming home to discover happy little packages waiting for me in my mailbox.

First came this:


The Boys #32 by Garth Ennis and Darrick Robertson

The Boys is one of my faaaaavourite comic books. It’s about time y’all found out that I am a bit of a comic book nerd. Other favourites of mine include The Punisher, Sin City, Preacher and Hitman.

A couple of days later, the postie brought me this:


Health at Every Size by Linda Bacon

This was more of an educational purchase than something fun. I figure if I’m going to do this fat blogging thing I have to know what I’m talking about. That said, I am really looking forward to reading this.

Finally, these babies turned up yesterday:

Happy Frances is happy

My Beth Ditto leggings were a present from me to me. As you can see, I am chuffed to bits!

As Deena mentioned in her post, these are brilliant leggings. They have been cut and sewn like a pair of pants, so they actually fit my thighs and arse (o, happy day!). The huge double-layered waistband almost comes up to my boobs, eliminating the severe muffin-top I usually get from leggings and tights. They’re also spectacularly garish which is right up my alley. I bought a size 18 and they fit perfectly.

Now I just have to find the right mini-dress or tunic to wear with them. A mate of mine is abandoning me for European adventures and is having a farewell party this Saturday (hi Liam!). Methinks it will be the perfect opportunity to bust these babies out in public.

My credit card is still in credit so I think I’m due for another order from We Love Colors

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