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Preview: Crystal Renn in V Magazine’s Size Issue

You may have heard that V Magazine is publishing a Size Issue, due out on 14 January 2010. There will be a number of spreads that will range from fully dressed to nude and will be shot by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and (lololol) Karl “No one wants to see curvy women” Lagerfeld. As editor-in-chief Stephen Gan put it, “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it.”

Now and V Magazine are whetting our appetites big time by putting out an exclusive preview of Terry Richardson‘s shoot – One Size Fits All.

It is a brilliant concept, with straight size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn wearing the exact same outfits and striking very similar poses. It’s a seriously clever dig at all those in the industry who feel that high fashion can only be presented on a smaller body.

Not to mention Mel Ottenberg’s styling is absolutely amazing. These outfits are exactly what I love: colour! prints! accessories! It’s almost too much, which is why it appeals to me.

For full size images, click here. For full size images of Jacquelyn and Crystal’s individual pictures, click here. All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers.

All images sourced from Thanks to Pippa at Runway Revolution for the tip-off!

Editorial: Crystal Renn in Elle Canada, Jan 2010

The future Mrs Frances (humour me), Crystal Renn, is in an amazing new editorial for Elle Canada, January 2010. The people at Elle Canada must love her as much as I do, as this is the third editorial she’s done with them in the last 12 months (check out the other two on Runway Revolution here and here) and this one covers 18 pages.

I love this shoot. The pictures are absolutely stunning, as I’ve come to expect from Leda & St Jacques, and I adore the ultra glamourous New Years Eve styling.

Also, Crystal has the most fantastic hair in the business – hands down.

Women I Love: Crystal Renn part 2

I have had hundreds upon hundreds of people coming to Corpulent to look at my posts on Crystal Renn. So much so that you guys kicked the crap out of my Photobucket bandwidth and I had to upgrade.

I get it, OK? You guys want more of our Crystal, and because I am a gracious blogger (read: because I am also desperately in love with her), I will deliver.


Crystal Renn for Anna Scholz S/S 2005

Crystal Renn in Glamour, May 2006

Crystal Renn for Torrid

Crystal Renn by Leda and St Jacques in Elle Canada, July 2009

Crystal Renn in Vanity Fair Italy, March 2004

Crystal Renn by Matt Jones

Crystal Renn by Matt Jones. This picture gives me strange new feelings.

Crystal Renn in LaVanguardia, Spain

Crystal Renn in Vogue Paris, August 2005

Crystal Renn in Italian Vogue, March 2004

Crystal Renn in Mao Mag #6

Crystal Renn in Teen Vogue, February 2006

Women I Love: Crystal Renn

Welcome to the first edition of Women I Love. I discovered a lot of beautiful plus size women as a result of my tumblr and now I’m overflowing with girl crushes. What better place to showcase my lascivious ways than on my blog!

Introducing: Crystal Renn

I love Crystal Renn. I love her so much it borders on unhealthy.

To gather fodder for my tumblr, I started an online hunt for plus size models because I honestly didn’t know of any. Crystal Renn was the first one I found and I’m fairly certain that this was the first picture I saw:


Crystal Renn by Matt Jones

Which caused me to do something along the lines of this:

actual Frances may differ in size and appearance

Actual Frances may differ in size and appearance

Crystal Renn first attempted modelling at age 14 after being spotted by a model scout. However, the scout told her from the beginning that she would need to lose 10″ from her hips in order to be successful. Fighting against her natural body shape and the constant pressure to stay thin led to an eating disorder. Eventually she realised the toll it was taking on her body and she walked away from her job, recovered from her illness, got a new agent and started plus size modeling.


Crystal Renn in People 2006, showing her as a straight size model

Crystal Renn in the finale dress for Jean-Paul Gaultier prêt-à-porter S/S06

She looks like a goddess. Sigh.

She also has a book coming out in a few months detailing her own experience with self-esteem and body image. While I am of the opinion that 23 is a wee bit young for a memoir, I’m still looking forward to its release. Watch this space for the review when September rolls around.

Anyway, that’s enough biography. It’s time to perve:


Crystal Renn for Torrid


Crystal Renn in Elle Canada, January 2009


Crystal Renn for Anna Scholz S/S05

Crystal Renn in La VanGuardia, Spain


Crystal Renn by Steven Meisel in Vogue US, April 2004


Crystal Renn by Steven Meisel in Vanity Fair Italy, March 2004


Crystal Renn by Ruvan Afandor in Elle Italia, December 2008


Crystal Renn by Ruven Afanador for Nordstrom and Harper's Bazaar

Editorial: Crystal Renn in Harper’s Bazaar Australia, May 2009


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

I know, I know; this is two months late. And I know these pictures are already all over the Interwebs. But I only set this blog up a couple of weeks ago and I am utterly in love with this set, so y’all will just have to deal with it.


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

Crystal Renn is an extremely successful plus size model who has been featured in a pile of high fashion editorials: Vogue US, Italy, Germany and Paris; Elle Canada and Italy; Vanity Fair Italy and so on and so forth.


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

The May 2009 of Harper’s Bazaar marked her first editorial in an Australian high fashion magazine.

What is truly spectacular about this editorial is that they have highlighted Crystal Renn’s curves. Not skimmed, not flattered, but HIGHLIGHTED. It’s freakin’ amazing.


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

She has been dressed in the shortest, tightest couture; couture that at times is even (quelle horreur!) TOO SMALL FOR HER.


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

Seriously. Look at that skirt. Her legs are being contorted by how tight that skirt is. But wait…


Crystal Renn by Louis Sanchis

What’s that on her left hip… Why, I do believe that’s a chub bulge!
I was so floored when I first saw this set. I could not believe that stylists and photographers and the Powers That Be at a fancy magazine have taken a plus size model, emphasised her fat and labelled it High Fashion.
This disputes all arguments from designers that refuse to do plus size lines and debunks all the fashion rules for fatties. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read that clothing “just looks better” when it hangs from a straight size model, or that fat girls should only wear clothing that draws attention away from their fat parts. This set shows that fabric clinging to an ample behind and chubby thighs looks stunning. CELEBRATION!

PS. This is for my own (and hopefully your) happiness. Here is an outtake from the Harper’s Bazaar shoot with absolutely no retouching. Hi, cellulite! This just makes me love Crystal Renn even more. Swoon.


Crystal Renn by Luis Sanchis

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