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Fluvia Lacerda in ’16’

I received an email from the people at the plus-size brand IGIGI that opened with “I know you are a big fan of Fluvia Lacerda…” (Is it really that obvious? I thought I was being subtle.)

IGIGI have commissioned a short film titled ’16’, directed by fashion photographer Mark De Paola and starring my beloved Fluvia Lacerda.

In the company’s words:

This film is about beauty – real beauty. Not the artificial, airbrushed, enhanced, starved beauty we are bombarded with everyday. It is about a powerful, sexy woman who loves herself and her body.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. The film is beautifully shot and Fluvia looks UH-MAY-ZING.

For more information and to have some input into the second chapter of ’16’, visit IGIGI’s website. The beautiful dress worn by Fluvia in the film is also available at IGIGI.

Women I Love: Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lacerda is one of those women with unreasonable bodies: the sex face, the thick hair, the cute belly, the killer hips.


Fluvia Lacerda by Lucas Pictures

So completely unreasonable.

Fluvia started modeling in 2003 when she was discovered by MODE Magazine on a New York City bus, of all places.

She also writes a magazine column in her native Brazil. In her own words:

I write about what I know, which is the struggles of being a full figured woman in a society (there in Brazil) where is difficult to find clothes, be accepted as a normal human being and so on. I hear plus size women in the US complaining about not being able to find pretty clothes that won’t make them look frumpy and unfashionable. Well, Brazilian plus size women don’t even have that option! It makes me cringe when I go there to see women either having clothes made because stores, in 90% of the cases, carry up to 44, which I think it’s equivalent to a US 12 (GASP!)- Or wearing clothes 2 or 3 sizes smaller, which is a complete NO, NO! It’s a market that still has a long way to go compared to most countries.

I hear ya, sister.


Fluvia Lacerda by Nikki Gomez

Because of this culture in Brazil and her success as a plus-sized model, Fluvia makes for a fabulous size acceptance advocate:

I know how they [plus-sized women] feel – society in Brazil makes you feel like wearing a size 16 jeans is a national crime. Most women have known nothing but negative criticism throughout their entire lives, from parents, school friends and even work colleagues. It’s the innocent suggestions of a new diet to a mentioning a new high tech plastic surgery procedure. Therefore they have yet to comprehend the meaning of being happy with yourself, regardless of your size. When I have the opportunity to do an interview in Brazil I always try to bring points such as, as long you have an active life, try to work out at least half an hour every day and eat healthier, you should be more concern with your happiness and health rather than beating yourself up for not carrying the genetics of a size zero women.

Also, she’s a babe. Let’s observe, shall we?


Fluvia Lacerda by Daigo Oliva/G1


I cannot remember where I got this from, but this picture is way too good to not post. It gets me right in the pants.


Fluvia Lacerda for Biluzik



Quotes sourced from Plus Model Magazine
All unsourced pictures are from Fluvia Lacerda’s online portfolio

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