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Plus size models protest Australian Fashion Week

(L-R) Ivina Sotnikava, Kaila Conklin, Belinda Morgan, Kate Hislop, Mackenzie Sipos and Natalie Wakeling. Pic: Renee Nowytarger, Source: The Daily Telegraph

The Rosemount Australian Fashion Week (RAFW) is over for another year, but it didn’t pass without controversy. Plus size models from BGM Models – who must have a fantastic PR department – protested outside the main venue over the complete lack of plus size models in this year’s events.

After all the attention plus size fashion has received in the past twelve months, Australia seems to be – quite embarrassingly – falling behind the rest of the Western world. As BGM agent Darrianne Donnelly states, “While the rest of the world is embracing women with curves, Australian fashion is going backwards. The public wants to see themselves, in all shapes and sizes not just size 6.”

(As an aside to BGM Models: I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but can you please lay off the whole ‘REAL WOMEN’ angle? You don’t advance one group of people by tearing down another. To imply that straight size models are not real is just another way of dictating what women should and should not look like. That’s exactly what we’re trying to get away from.)

Organisers did not make official comment, instead deferring questioning to individual designers as they are responsible for the model casting for their own shows.

First of all – because I have seen this incorrectly reported on other blogs – plus size models were not featured at last year’s RAFW. Last year’s City Chic fashion show was held during the 2009 Sydney Fashion Festival. They are two completely different events (though it is sponsored by the same company) and RAFW is The Big Deal – it is the exclusive, industry-only event.

Though that’s the point, isn’t it? Plus size consumers are given a free, public show in the less prestigious runway show yet continue to be snubbed by Australia’s top designers in our premier fashion event. It smells just a little bit like tokenism.

It is interesting to see how little impact the Voluntary Industry Code of Conduct on Body Image may have. In October 2009, the National Advisory Group on Body Image – which was established by the Australian government in March 2009 – submitted the Proposed National Strategy on Body Image to the government. Among the recommendations is the Code of Conduct on Body Image, which recommends using “a diverse range of people that are appropriate to their target audience. When considering diversity, particular focus should be given to including a range of body shapes, sizes and ethnicities”. The report is currently under consideration by the government, and they are due release their response this year. You can read the complete report here or, if you’re lazy, a summary of the recommendations here.

The key word to take note of is ‘voluntary’. It is up to each magazine and fashion label to sign up to the Code of Conduct and abide by its principles. However, with Australian designers so reluctant to use plus size models, we must question what a voluntary code could achieve. With no incentives or punishments, and with seemingly no champions in our fashion industry, I do wonder how we can move forward.

How much did you miss me? Was it a lot? It was probably a lot.


My plane landed at Sydney Airport on Friday morning and it’s only now that I’ve fought through enough of the jetlag to type something longer than 140 characters

Six weeks doesn’t seem like such a long time, but a few exciting things have happened while I’ve been away: 


Tara Lynn in Elle France, April 2010

In news more directly relating to me (= the best kind of news), I bought a pile of new clothes and new accessories in my travels that I can’t wait to show you – watch this space for more multicoloured OOTDs.

Preview: Day 4 of V Magazine’s Size Issue by Lagerfeld

I was so tickled when I heard that Karl “No one wants to see curvy women” Lagerfeld was shooting a spread for V Magazine’s Size Issue. “How laughable,” thought I, “that the White Goodman of fashion will be shooting a spread for a size issue. Ho ho. How droll.”

Well. The Kaiser completely and utterly shut me up by producing the best editorial in V Magazine so far.

Lagerfeld, head designer and creative director for Chanel, has titled his spread Day 4: Coco a Go-Go and (gasp!) appears to be having fun with his designer baby.

Miss Dirty Martini and Coco

Miss Dirty Martini, a burlesque star, is full of life and oozes sexuality in each picture. Her body is undeniably on show and yet I never lost sight of Jacob K‘s beautiful styling. Everything about this spread looks decadent. This editorial, much more than Day 1 and Day 2, has perfectly married showcasing the fat body with high fashion styling. Amazing.

However, as has been noted by Fashionologie, by using a burqesque star in his spread Lagerfeld has avoided the endorsement of plus size models. You are a sneaky bitch, Karl.

Miss Dirty Martini in V Magazine

If you look closely, you'll see Miss Dirty Martini's unretouched body in her reflections.

For the complete editorial and full size images, head to All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers. The Size Issue is due out on 14 January 2010.

Preview: Day 2 of V Magazine’s Size Issue

Tara Lynn by Sølve Sundsbø*

Last week, I showed you the preview of Crystal Renn’s editorial of V Magazine’s upcoming Size Issue. V Magazine are obviously trying to generate a lot of buzz, as have released yet another preview from the issue: Day 2: Curves Ahead by Sølve Sundsbø. (For the complete editorial and full size images, head to All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers. The Size Issue is due out on 14 January 2010.)

As the name of the editorial suggests, these pictures place much more emphasis on the curvy body. In my opinion, the fashion is secondary to the thighs, hips and rolls on display.**

Candice Huffine by Sølve Sundsbø

While I am completely in love with the Day 1 editorial, I have a lot less love for this shoot. When a magazine like V attempts to display larger bodies as artworks in and of themselves, it always appears as though they are fighting their fashion instincts.

We all know that fashion magazines digitally retouch. A lot. Freckles, cellulite, shadows, uneven skin tone – anything that is perceived to be a flaw is mercilessly eliminated. However, in this shoot fat rolls, normally an obvious flaw to be removed, must be kept as a feature of the editorial.

So how does a photography team accept the inclusion of fat rolls and present a flawless fashion spread? By doing a really bad job of retouching.

Candice Huffine and Tara Lynn by Sølve Sundsbø

I mean, look at that. That picture is ridiculous. Candice Huffine has a beautiful roll on her back, yet her back does not bulge in any way. Tara Lynn has some adorable belly chub, yet her stomach stops exactly at the waistband and there is no overhang. Fat doesn’t sit so conveniently in real life.

This editorial is trying so hard to present the ‘real’ body and yet the finished product looks disappointingly fake.

*As an aside, that first image of Tara Lynn looks an awful lot like a number of fat softcore pictures I’ve seen. For example, this picture of erotic model that I featured on Hey, Fat Chick. I don’t know if it was deliberate but it sure is interesting…
Which bothers me, as it’s in a fashion magazine. “Look! Plus size models! We still don’t make sample sizes for them, but look how nice they are naked!”

Preview: Crystal Renn in V Magazine’s Size Issue

You may have heard that V Magazine is publishing a Size Issue, due out on 14 January 2010. There will be a number of spreads that will range from fully dressed to nude and will be shot by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and (lololol) Karl “No one wants to see curvy women” Lagerfeld. As editor-in-chief Stephen Gan put it, “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it.”

Now and V Magazine are whetting our appetites big time by putting out an exclusive preview of Terry Richardson‘s shoot – One Size Fits All.

It is a brilliant concept, with straight size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn wearing the exact same outfits and striking very similar poses. It’s a seriously clever dig at all those in the industry who feel that high fashion can only be presented on a smaller body.

Not to mention Mel Ottenberg’s styling is absolutely amazing. These outfits are exactly what I love: colour! prints! accessories! It’s almost too much, which is why it appeals to me.

For full size images, click here. For full size images of Jacquelyn and Crystal’s individual pictures, click here. All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers.

All images sourced from Thanks to Pippa at Runway Revolution for the tip-off!

Editorial: Crystal Renn in Elle Canada, Jan 2010

The future Mrs Frances (humour me), Crystal Renn, is in an amazing new editorial for Elle Canada, January 2010. The people at Elle Canada must love her as much as I do, as this is the third editorial she’s done with them in the last 12 months (check out the other two on Runway Revolution here and here) and this one covers 18 pages.

I love this shoot. The pictures are absolutely stunning, as I’ve come to expect from Leda & St Jacques, and I adore the ultra glamourous New Years Eve styling.

Also, Crystal has the most fantastic hair in the business – hands down.

Fluvia Lacerda in ’16’

I received an email from the people at the plus-size brand IGIGI that opened with “I know you are a big fan of Fluvia Lacerda…” (Is it really that obvious? I thought I was being subtle.)

IGIGI have commissioned a short film titled ’16’, directed by fashion photographer Mark De Paola and starring my beloved Fluvia Lacerda.

In the company’s words:

This film is about beauty – real beauty. Not the artificial, airbrushed, enhanced, starved beauty we are bombarded with everyday. It is about a powerful, sexy woman who loves herself and her body.

It’s certainly an interesting idea. The film is beautifully shot and Fluvia looks UH-MAY-ZING.

For more information and to have some input into the second chapter of ’16’, visit IGIGI’s website. The beautiful dress worn by Fluvia in the film is also available at IGIGI.

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