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Preview: Day 2 of V Magazine’s Size Issue

Tara Lynn by Sølve Sundsbø*

Last week, I showed you the preview of Crystal Renn’s editorial of V Magazine’s upcoming Size Issue. V Magazine are obviously trying to generate a lot of buzz, as have released yet another preview from the issue: Day 2: Curves Ahead by Sølve Sundsbø. (For the complete editorial and full size images, head to All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers. The Size Issue is due out on 14 January 2010.)

As the name of the editorial suggests, these pictures place much more emphasis on the curvy body. In my opinion, the fashion is secondary to the thighs, hips and rolls on display.**

Candice Huffine by Sølve Sundsbø

While I am completely in love with the Day 1 editorial, I have a lot less love for this shoot. When a magazine like V attempts to display larger bodies as artworks in and of themselves, it always appears as though they are fighting their fashion instincts.

We all know that fashion magazines digitally retouch. A lot. Freckles, cellulite, shadows, uneven skin tone – anything that is perceived to be a flaw is mercilessly eliminated. However, in this shoot fat rolls, normally an obvious flaw to be removed, must be kept as a feature of the editorial.

So how does a photography team accept the inclusion of fat rolls and present a flawless fashion spread? By doing a really bad job of retouching.

Candice Huffine and Tara Lynn by Sølve Sundsbø

I mean, look at that. That picture is ridiculous. Candice Huffine has a beautiful roll on her back, yet her back does not bulge in any way. Tara Lynn has some adorable belly chub, yet her stomach stops exactly at the waistband and there is no overhang. Fat doesn’t sit so conveniently in real life.

This editorial is trying so hard to present the ‘real’ body and yet the finished product looks disappointingly fake.

*As an aside, that first image of Tara Lynn looks an awful lot like a number of fat softcore pictures I’ve seen. For example, this picture of erotic model that I featured on Hey, Fat Chick. I don’t know if it was deliberate but it sure is interesting…
Which bothers me, as it’s in a fashion magazine. “Look! Plus size models! We still don’t make sample sizes for them, but look how nice they are naked!”

Preview: Crystal Renn in V Magazine’s Size Issue

You may have heard that V Magazine is publishing a Size Issue, due out on 14 January 2010. There will be a number of spreads that will range from fully dressed to nude and will be shot by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and (lololol) Karl “No one wants to see curvy women” Lagerfeld. As editor-in-chief Stephen Gan put it, “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it.”

Now and V Magazine are whetting our appetites big time by putting out an exclusive preview of Terry Richardson‘s shoot – One Size Fits All.

It is a brilliant concept, with straight size model Jacquelyn Jablonski and Crystal Renn wearing the exact same outfits and striking very similar poses. It’s a seriously clever dig at all those in the industry who feel that high fashion can only be presented on a smaller body.

Not to mention Mel Ottenberg’s styling is absolutely amazing. These outfits are exactly what I love: colour! prints! accessories! It’s almost too much, which is why it appeals to me.

For full size images, click here. For full size images of Jacquelyn and Crystal’s individual pictures, click here. All images are copyright V Magazine and respective photographers.

All images sourced from Thanks to Pippa at Runway Revolution for the tip-off!

My new favourite website

Allen, Bedford Ave. (photo by Greg Speck)

Everyone should check out The Manfattan Project post-haste.

In the words of the moderator:

[The Manfattan Project is a] collection of photographs of stylish everyday people in New York City. These people are beautiful, they are well-dressed, they are confident. They are also, without apologies or contradictions, FAT.

Hana Malia, Union Square Farmer’s Market

I never realised how rarely I see the everyday street fashion of fat people until this site came along.

Jess, FIT.

Well, go on then. Clickety click your way over there.

Fatshion and The Punch

A post by my fellow antipodean fat blogger, RandomQuorum, directed to me to this article on The Punch, ‘Fatshionistas are hip, but can they fit into the dress?‘ by Nedahl Stelio. The Punch (mmmm punch) is an Australian opinion site, owned by News Limited. Nedahl Stelio is a former deputy editor of Cosmopolitan and former editor of Cleo.

As RandomQuorum notes, this article is kind of a big deal. Stelio writes about New York’s Full-Figured Fashion Week, Beth Ditto’s line for Evans, and makes reference to the awesome Daily Beast article on our fabulous fatshionistas. Plus-size fashion is not a subject often covered by Down Under mainstream news outlets, and it’s truly amazing that Stelio did not feel compelled to note that all fatty fat fatties are riddled with disease and will die soon, if not sooner. (Predictably, the reader comments do. Australians are horrendously fat-phobic and the comments on fat-related news stories can be vitriolic.) So this is sort of a win for us. w00t.

But this is also lazy reporting. The article was published on 9 July – a good 2 weeks after FFFWeek – and yet Stelio writes as if the event has not yet been held. She also fails to mention the aaaaaaaawesome news that FFFWeek is looking into bringing their event to Australia.

In fact, Stelio completely bypasses anything and everything to do with Australian plus-size fashion. FFFWeek was in New York. Beth Ditto’s line has been released in the UK. The Daily Beast and Manolo for the Big Girl are US-based sites. No mention of the barren wasteland that is plus-size shopping in Oz. No voxpops from fat Australian women who have to navigate a difficult fashion landscape. No praise heaped upon the few plus size designers we do have. No pressure on the rest of our designers and retailers to lift their game and clothe the plus sized. This strikes me as a very curious decision for an Australian fashion writer on an Australian website.

Worse still, every quote that’s in Stelio’s article I have read before. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not naïve enough to believe that every journalist has engaged in hardcore primary research for every article they have ever written. But she’s written about things that don’t really affect Australian fatties (unless they’re willing to brave the weakness of the Aussie dollar and fork out AUS$15+ on shipping for Beth’s line) and she’s done a few Google searches for her material. Seriously?

I wanted to be excited by this article, Nedahl, but you have got to give me something to work with. Next time, drop me a line and I’ll give you all the Aussie Fatosphere voxpops you need! /shameless plug

Full-Figured Fashion Week continued, or Why Frances is Dancing in the Streets

As expected, the Curvy Collective have been kept busy blogging about the inaugural Full-Figured Fashion Week. Luvin’ My Curves has summarised the three day event, with an official recap of the runway finale still to come. Gabi at Young, Fat and Fabulous has covered the runway show, while The Musings of a Fatshionista has reviewed what the various brands had to offer.

All the posts are, as always, worth checking out, so hyperlink your way over there.

Now I know that in my last FFFW post I may have sounded tad resentful. Perhaps I threw what could be described by some people as a big tanty. All that is behind me now due to this short addendum on Gabi’s YFF post:

Oh, and for all you Aussies, supposedly FFFWeek is coming your way soon!

*victory dance*

I know this is hardly concrete. But, if this happens, it will be a huge step forward for Australia. Maybe we’ll see a few more plus size brands starting up in Oz…? Maybe some of our brilliant straight size fashion designers will step up to the challenge…?

A girl can dream.

Full-Figured Fashion Week, or Why Frances is Bitter

The inaugural Full-Figured Fashion Week was held in New York City from 25-27 June 2009.

Hm? What’s that? Oh, no, I didn’t go. Why, you ask? BECAUSE I’M ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DAMN WORLD.

Luvin’ My Curves and The Curvy Fashionista have done a recap of Day 1, while Gabi at Young, Fat and Fabulous covered The State of the Curvy Community discussion, complete with video of Nikki Blonsky talking about her experience as a corpulent woman. I’m sure all three have much more to say on the event, so make sure you check back with them over the coming days.

But because I am bitter, I hate ’em. I hate New York, I hate fate and I hate everyone else who conspired to put me in Sydney and FFFWeek in NYC. BOOOOO LIFE.

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