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Dandy magazine (24 February 2014): The Vaudevillians featuring Jinkx Monsoon and Major Scales

SBS News (28 January 2014): Was the ‘black mannequin chair’ racist?

The Guardian – Comment is Free (16 January 2014): White singers deserve the same scrutiny for sexism as Snoop Dogg

SBS News (11 November 2013): Let’s block bad body advice from trending

SBS News (4 November 2013): Confessions of an adult One Direction fan

The Guardian – Comment is Free (5 September 2013): What I learned in twerking class (9 May 2013): Health at EVERY size

Girlfriend magazine (April 2013): Plus-size shopping (minus the stress) – page 1, page 2 (online version)

Girlfriend magazine (December 2012): Fat is not a dirty word

Cosmopolitan Australia: Guest blogging for Cosmopolitan Australia as part of their ‘Say No to Fat Talk’ campaign (April to May 2011)
A fat woman saying no to fat talk
“Aren’t you worried about your health?”
In the name of FATshion

Jezebel (28 May 2010): Obesity Really is Disgusting

Features, interviews, and appearances

Broadly (13 November 2016): For Trans and Queer People, Massage Therapy Can Be a World of Pain

Sunday Age (30 March 2014): Heavy and healthy: the latest take on obesity
Story reprinted in the Sun Herald: Obesity paradox: being thinner can kill you, says cardiologist Carl Lavie

Cosmopolitan Lithuania (June 2013): Viskas, kas mano, yra gražu

Cherchez la Femme (21 April 2013): Sydney

Cosmopolitan India (March 2013): The Bloggers Who Are Good For Your #BodyImage

The Daily Dot (30 January 2013): ‘Fatshion’ Community Finds Beauty in Plus-Sizes

Sydney Film School (2012): The F Word (a snippet of the documentary can be seen here)

SYN – Panorama (19 July 2012): Let’s Talk About Fat: Obesity in Australia

Triple J – Hack (17 July 2012): ‘Obesity campaign could cause eating disorders’

The Brisbane Times (14 February 2012): Uni launches fat acceptance project

The Conversation (7 February 2012): Showing it like it is: a library to fight fatist images in the media

BBC News – Living Online (26 December 2011): ‘Fatshion’ blogs defiantly celebrate plus-size couture

Shop ’til you Drop magazine (December 2011): What to Wear When…

702 ABC Sydney – Mornings with Deborah Cameron (18 August 2011): Life in the Fatosphere

Peppermint magazine (Issue 10, Winter 2011): What is beauty?

Triple J – Hack (10 February 2011): Fat Defenders

Radio 2ser – Double X (25 August 2010): Role Models

Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Magazine (15 August 2010): The ‘F’ Word
Story reprinted by the Daily Telegraph (26 December 2010): Big deal: fighting fatism

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